We manufacture high-quality workwear for your every need.

    Take a look at our journey from establishment to the present day - year after year

    Our history with its interesting twists and turns


    With the acquisition of the business at the end of the year, we acquired the business of Pepe-Tricks Oy. With this acquisition, the SIOEN and DIKE brands were transferred to Atex's product range. Petri Jokinen became the product manager of atex Workwear, responsible for the sale of Sioen and Dike products to companies and organizations, as well as to retailers.

    Hard work and long-term work pay off, and this is stated by the strongest Platinum label in Finland awarded by Asiakastieto.fi. This is a sign of the company’s positive financial ratios, creditworthiness, background information and good payment behavior.

    Our completely revamped website and updated B2B online store were launched with new product categories and imagery.


    Our new 1,500 m2 logistics center opened in February in Ölstens, a stone's throw from our old premises.

    We celebrated the opening of our new logistics center.

    We added the Lakeland chemical protection coveralls to our selection.


    Our brand got a new look with its updated marketing strategy.

    Cooperation with the Karate Association in the project Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

    Our own sewing premises was opened in Lithuania.


    Planning for our new logistics center began.


    An online store was opened in connection with the website to serve strategic partners .

    The status of family entrepreneurship is further strengthened; In addition to the three Toivonen (Jari, Tiina, Paulo), the family pit Tinja will officially start working after finishing her business studies.

    We established a business unit in Lithuania.

    Hard work continues to bear fruit. Net sales growth 7% on the previous year.


    More staff were recruited to support the uptrend business.

    The investment and the increase in staff caused a momentary drop in the Soliditet class to the AA class. Towards the end of the year, it will rise again to AAA.

    Product development, numerous new products and hard work were further rewarded as strengthening positions in the Finnish workwear market.

    A workwear contract was signed with Meyer Werft Turku Shipyard.

    Net sales grew by 16% for the second year in a row.


    New and comprehensive homepages were launched.

    Industrial sales at a brilliant pace alongside resale.

    Net sales growth 16%.

    Expansion of business premises with a new press plant (200 m²).

    Atex acquired Ikaworker Oy and its collection, which transferred deliveries to the STX shipyard to us.

    45,000 pieces of clothing were marked.

    Soliditet's AAA and being one of Finland's strongest companies continued.


    There are retailers of ATEX workwear all over Finland, as well as a total of about 300 in a few European countries. Industrial sales were launched as a target group for large corporations. Joined the tilaajavastuu.fi system, where it is easy to check and order the so-called documents required by the authorities, such as proof of taxes paid, registration in the prepayment register, performance of statutory obligations, etc. We continued as Soliditet's AAA company and were among the strongest companies in Finland.


    We reached the 20th anniversary milestone.

    ATS Oy ATEX is the only AAA-class clothing manufacturer in Finland.

    We switched to sizing according to the Vateva standard.

    The financial crisis in the economy also affected the clothing sector. Nevertheless, ATS Oy ATEX made the best sales result in its history. Thank you for this and only to our loyal customers, with whom we have been able to cooperate all these years.


    In Finland, only four companies in the clothing industry have the strongest recognition in Finland, as well as an AAA rating. Ats - Ammattityökalut Oy ATEX one of them.


    New premises and warehouses were completed in Porvoo, the Ölsten industrial area, where all our operations in Finland are concentrated.

    ATS Oy ATEX received Asiakastieto's strongest recognition in Finland, and we have not given it up since.

    Demand for Hi-Vis and FR clothing, as well as their combinations, exceeded the so-called normal demand for workwear.


    For the first time, ATS Oy ATEX rose to the AAA- rating of Soliditet.


    A strategic change was made so that all products that will be sold in the future must be either self-manufactured or self-imported, Atex branded products.

    Marketing was planned to take place only through our own resellers, who then systematically sought out and built a reseller network.

    Building a dealer network was rewarding and step-by-step, both uphill and downhill.

    Our ATEX brand established its position in the Finnish workwear market as a high-quality, reliable and fast supplier.


    A Helsinki store was opened, from which mail order sales were also started to cover the entire Finnish market.

    An Estonian factory was opened. Planning and work supervision from the head office.


    Ats - Ammattityökalut Oy is established as the main product group of tools and protective equipment.

    The sale was launched by marketing special tools and protective equipment for the construction industry from store cars, as well as from our own stores in Tampere and Turku.

    Foreign trade was launched, which was very much oriented towards the Soviet Union.

    The tools in our selection were purchased from Finland and some were also imported from West Germany. 

    Workwear and protective equipment were purchased from domestic manufacturers, but new models of workwear made in Sweden were also sold. The sale and marketing of products sourced from Sweden was initially very difficult due to their diversity (patch pockets).