Atex-etusivu Stay safe for yourself and for the people you care about the most

Atex-etusivu Pysy turvassa itsesi ja
sinulle tärkeiden ihmisten vuoksi

Workwear that are durable, functional and safe for all industries

Atex Workwear

Atex Workwear is a subsidiary name of ATS – Ammattityökalut Oy and a brand of our clothing.

ATS – Ammattityökalut Oy is a family owned company founded in 1992, which specializes in the manufacture, import and wholesale of workwear. In addition, for the sale of safety shoes, protectors, professional tools and disposable coveralls for companies and organizations.

Our headquarters and logistics center are located in Porvoo, Eastern Uusimaa.

High quality workwear withstands heavy use. It gives you safety at work, sits comfortably on you, and meets the requirements for work. By customizing your workwear, for example, printing allows you to personalize the outfit for each actor.

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