Valmistamme laadukkaita ja istuvia työasuja jokaiseen tarpeeseenne.

    Atex Workwear

    Here you will find functional, durable and safe workwear for your company, 

    as well as safety shoes, helmets, lights and protective equipment for safety at work.


    The collection of rainwear for professional use offers protection from rain in demanding working conditions all year round.

    The selection includes visible rainwear in accordance with EN 20471 as well as attention-grabbing / fire-protected rainwear. Fire-resistant rainwear is made of fire-resistant material and should always be worn over protective clothing certified in accordance with EN 11612.

    You can work all day while maintaining a dry and comfortable feeling with a sweat-wicking and moisture-evaporating rainwear on. In our collection, you will now find Siopor® garments developed by Sioen, which are made of a water-repellent polyester layer with a hydrophilic polyurethane coating inside. The breathability of the fabric is ensured by the special structure of the coating. The microporous base layer has millions of microscopic “channels”. These pores are a thousand times smaller than the water droplets, but considerably larger than the moisture vapor molecules that allow them to evaporate.

    The Siopor® label guarantees that the product is wind and waterproof, breathable, comfortable, flexible, light, strong and machine washable.