We manufacture high-quality workwear for your every need.
                          Do you want to become our retailer?

                          If You and your Company are interested in reselling our quality products and supply work clothes, tools or as a textile seller, you can contact us using the form below.

                          We provide full product support and a designated person to assist our reseller.


                          10 Reasons to become our retailer:


                          1. Wide range of products at competitive prices.

                          2. New products on demand without compromising on quality.

                          3. Customized display products to increase customer flow.

                          4. Full product and service support to grow your business

                          5. Product training and materials for your staff to use.

                          6. One website to grow and facilitate trading.

                          7. Common approaches towards key customers - One contact person.

                          8. Support for documentation and deliveries.

                          9. Fast deliveries and delivery security. High quality distribution.

                              10. One strategy from 1992 – For your use only!