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    ”Työvaatevalinnoissamme työturvallisuus on aina numero ykkönen. Materiaalien paloturvallisuus on olennaista, koska teemme paljon tulitöitä. Tietenkin mukavuus ja käytettävyys vaatteissa on myös tärkeää. Yhteistyömme ATEX WORKWEARIN kanssa alkoi keväällä 2014 ja asiat ovat menneet hienosti. Reagointi on ollut nopeaa.

    Me saamme uudet mallit ja mallistot joustavasti ja helposti.”

    Juha-Matti Salminen
    Meyer Turku Oy


    “The collaboration has been both committed and productive and we have always gotten to the heart of the matter when we are sitting at the table. Together, we have designed garments that are just right for our needs, so that we have a combination of quality and functionality. Add to this the speed of delivery and the certainty with which products are now obtained, and I speak of ATEX as a partner rather than a supplier. ”

    Jani Kalatie
    Kenttäpäällikkö - Kouluttaja
    Avarn Security Oy


    “We had been looking for work clothes suitable for the working conditions around the recovery boiler, but we did not think that enough protection was available. Based on discussions with workwear suppliers, we got them to test the materials they thought were best. We first tested the durability of the fabrics in our own tests. One test patch supplied by Atex Workwear was clearly more protective than the others in terms of its fabric properties and we set out to continue the development work with them. We presented them with the wishes of the users of workwear, and after the trial run, small adjustments were made to them. We have been very satisfied with the work clothes in use. They have protected workers well, for example from burns. "

    Jani Haukka
    Power plant operation manager
    Kotkamills Oy


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