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    Here, quality, comfort and protective equipment are combined with a professional workwear offer. At Atex, we understand that work clothes are more than just a part of your outfit – they are an integral part of your working day, providing protection, durability and comfort.

    We are proud to present our Atex Workwear brand, which represents quality, innovation and professionalism.

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    An expert partner in workwear matters

    Atex Ammattiasut and ATS-ammatitools Oy are your partners when you need reliable and high-quality work clothes.

    We are honored to be part of the everyday life of professionals, offering solutions that support safety, comfort and style in your work environment.

    Welcome to find the right work clothes for you in our online store!

    Customized Solutions and Personalization

    We understand that every business and industry is different. That's why we offer the opportunity to customize work clothes according to your needs.

    You can personalize your work clothes with, for example, a print that highlights your company's identity and professionalism.

    You can find more information about personalizing work clothes here.

    Finnish Design

    We are proudly located in Porvoo, in eastern Uusimaa, where our headquarters and logistics center operate.

    Our own production chain enables efficient deliveries and professional customer service. We want to guarantee that our high-quality work clothes and services are accessible to a wide customer base.

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    ATS-ammattityökalut Oy - Reliable Workwear Supply

    Founded in 1992, ATS-ammattitutuolot Oy is a family business that has established itself in the workwear industry. With more than three decades of experience, we specialize in the manufacture, import and wholesale of work clothes. We have a strong commitment to offer our customers only the best - be it safety workwear, professional tools or free time garments.Our wide range of products reflects the knowledge and passion we have gathered over the years.

    A Brand That Brings Comfort and Protection

    Our Atex -brand was born from the need to offer employees clothes that not only protect, but also guarantee comfort throughout the working day. We understand the special requirements of different industries and have designed our products to meet them. Whether it's outdoor work or special challenges in industry, you'll find solutions from us that support efficient and safe working.


    As the name implies, Multinorm products meet many standards and are certified to a number of European standards.

    These products have been developed for demanding working conditions with extensive risk management requirements. The collection's Hi-Vis clothing is suitable for professions where, in addition to visibility, protection is required against electricity, safety arc, fire and heat, as well as possibly the dangers caused by various chemical splashes.


    Highly visible clothing. Protective clothing in accordance with EN ISO 20471 is intended for use in work where visibility is important for safety. The fluorescent material gives visibility in daylight and twilight, reflectors in the dark illuminated by a light source.


    Protective clothing according to EN ISO 11612: 2015 protects the user from short flame contact and heat. The heat may be convection heat, heat radiation, molten material, or combinations thereof.

    The welder's protective clothing in accordance with EN ISO 11611 is intended to protect against welding sparks, ie small splashes of molten metal, heat radiation from the welding arc, short-term flame contact and UV radiation.


    Personal protective equipment is equipment, utensils and protective clothing intended to be used or kept by a person to protect him or her from a risk to his or her health or safety. Personal protective equipment includes, for example, helmets and goggles, hearing protection and respiratory protection.