428442 Pyrolon XT Coverall Lakeland

428442 Pyrolon XT Coverall Lakeland


Pyrolon® XT features Lakeland’s unique viscose-based Pyrolon® base nonwoven fabric with an added nylon scrim to increase strength and durability for tougher Type 5 & 6 applications where FR properties are also required.

Disposable FR garments are designed to be worn over EN 11612 – certified Thermal Protective Garments without compromising thermal protection in the way that standard disposables will.

Pyrolon® is uniquely engineered to char at temperatures lower than it’s ignition point so that it will not ignite, propagate a flame or drip molten, burning debris.  

Type: 5 & 6

Material: 101 gsm viscose rayon

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Lakeland® -products protect people by their expertise, efficient manufacturing and unique service.

Lakeland products are used daily in many different industries and challenging environments all over the world. The products are used to make sure that the workers are safe from dangers like chemicals, flames and heat.

Protecting people requires a high-level expertise. This is found in decades of history – along with their workers that have great experience from industrial work. Lakeland was founding member of the first in the world company that manufactures disposable overalls, and to this day keeps protecting people that work in dangerous environments all around the world.

People who wear Lakeland -overalls know that it is the synonym for quality and protection.

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