2000 Sleeveless Overall

2000 Sleeveless Overall

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Comfortable well fitting overall with plenty of pockets.


  • Chest pockets
  • ID-card pocket
  • Small pockets
  • Mobile Phone pocket
  • Hanging pockets in front and back
  • Belt hoops
  • Thigh pocket
  • Long measure pocket
  • Zipper protect canvas
  • Adjustable braces


Materials: 70% polyester, 30% cotton

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Our sleeveless overall line includes high-visible (Hi-Vis), high-visible – fire retardant – anti-static (Multinorm), fire retardant (FR), fire retardant – anti-static (FR AST) as well as normal colored sleeveless overalls. All the sleeveless overalls have multiple pockets for different uses. All sleeveless overalls are certified for their own purposes.

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