Terms & Conditions

The delivery terms are valid as of 1.1.2020 and are valid until further notice.

ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear has has the right to change the terms of delivery by publishing new terms of delivery on its website.


The prices of the products correspond to the price list valid on the day of ordering the product. All prices are exclusive of VAT and will be added to your order total. ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear has the right to change the prices by informing its clients by e-mail or on its website.

Packing unit 

All products in our collection are delivered free-of-PU. Customized products are shipped according to the agreed PU.


Delivery time is immediately from ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear warehouse, Raudoittajantie 16, Porvoo, Finland, or by agreement. Orders placed before 12 noon will be shipped the same day. The delivery of the delivery is made by Posti Oyj to the recipient. We will not be responsible for any delays caused by incorrect or incomplete shipping information (delivery address, postcode, etc.).

Orders to be picked up from stock:

Orders arriving before 12 noon can be picked up one hour after the order is confirmed.

Our warehouse is open until 4pm on weekdays.

ATS Professional Tools Oy Atex notifies the buyer of any changes in delivery times. ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear has no obligation to compensate the purchaser for any damage caused by non-delivery or delayed delivery of the product.

The buyer has the right to cancel the order in case of delayed delivery.

Shipping costs

Shipments over € 650 VAT. 0% will be delivered free of charge to all destinations in Finland.

For deliveries of less than € 650, shipping costs according to the weight of the shipment, according to the ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear price list.

Prices include VAT. 0%.

Customer have the right to use their own freight credit agreements and carriers.

Terms of payment

Claim or by agreement.

In order to become an account customer, you must enter into an account opening agreement with ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear. ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear reserves the right to change the agreed payment terms and any other terms if the invoice due date is not met.

Invoicing and collection are handled by OP Rahoitus Oy.

The interest rate for delayed payment shall be in accordance with the Interest Act, in its effective form at a given time.

For factory orders over EUR 15,000 (VAT 0%), the pre-payment is 30% before production starts.


The models will be charged according to the price list.

Defective products and returns

Faulty or incorrect products will be refunded or replaced.

Returns must be agreed separately with ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear customer service, whereupon the customer will receive a possible return ID and instructions for return. The maximum liability of ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear is the purchase price paid by the Buyer for the product. ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear shall not be liable for any damage that the Buyer may suffer as a result of defective or delayed product or delivery.

ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear will only refund products that are vendible. In case of manufacturing and quality defects, returned product must be washed as the sewing department does not handle dirty clothes due hygienic reasons. If ATS-ammattityökalut Oy Atex Workwear has to wash the product, it will charge the costs incurred.

Special Order, Clearance Products, and Customized Products are Not Subject to exchange or return.

The notice period for Orders, Deliveries and Invoices is 8 days.

Force Majeure

ATS-Professional Tools Ltd is relieved of its obligations and its obligation to pay compensation if the breach or non-fulfillment of the obligations is due to Force Majeure. A Force Majeure event is considered to be an event that is independent of ATS Professional Tools Ltd and the effects of which cannot reasonably be avoided or overcome. Such event can be for example, war, rebellion, strike, interruption of energy supply, fire, thunderstorm or other natural disaster.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are primarily resolved through consultations between the Parties.

If a dispute cannot be resolved in this way within 30 days of the date of the claim presented by one Party to the other, the dispute shall be resolved in the District Court of Southeast Finland.


The order becomes binding on the buyer once the seller has confirmed the order in writing or delivered the products.

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